Maid of Honor Dresses

The date of the wedding is set, place is final, and the bride’s dress is picked, what about the dress of the maid of honor,the bridesmaid? The second most important lady in the wedding, if you’re the bride there is one way you can make sure that you make the maid of honor happy, by choosing a perfect dress for her.

Maid of honor dress

It’s quite difficult to do that actually, you see the dress has to be according to the bride but it has to be such that the bridesmaid loves it too, I mean after all she is going to wear it the whole day. Now there are many designs and you don’t want to get confused amongst them, I have tailored some of the best ideas for the maid of honor dresses. But before you scroll through them do make sure you get a pretty good dress, you don’t want to upset the person who is to manage your complete day do you? So let’s check on some points that will help you in getting the right one.

Honor dresses

Maid of honor dresses and additional ideas

  • Polka dot dresses: They are trending way too much currently, and why not, they look damn beautiful, having said that the color is chosen properly. Polka dresses were a common thing a long time back, but they got out of trend, now they have returned back, and with an essence of style and flair. Choose some dark color dresses with heart or diamond shaped cut at the back and light colored footwear with a corsage to make an elegant look.

Polka Dot Dresses

  • Mismatched bridesmaid dresses:Yes you read that right this is far most the biggest trending dressing style in weddings. You can make use of different colors within a same color family or try different dresses for each of your bridesmaid.

Mismatched Bridesmaid dresses

  • The Bohemian Style: Mix up dresses with the unique bohemian styles, makes the bridesmaid look unique and different.

The Bohemian Style Dresses

  • Floral prints: It’s starting to trend slowly, and it looks quite unique, floral print dresses are the best.

Floral Print Sheath Dress

  • The gold sequins: Give a rich look to the dresses by getting the long gold textured straight gowns.
  • Try to keep a flare of the bridesmaid dress with that of the brides, make up in your mind how the bridesmaid will look while standing with the bride in that particular dress, this will help in choosing the color.
  • Do keep a keen eye on the dress, that will it suit the body type of the bridesmaid.

 Gold Sequins Dresses

Most important tip to consider before buying the dress:

Something that you should be clear about choosing the dress is that make sure it’s complete, it’s like when we look out for a dress we typically look at the good and beautiful design at the front part, and often we ignore the poor design at the back. The back of the dress is actually as important at the front, those amazing back diamond cuts or backless dresses come to your mind? That is something you should keep your eye on.

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